Otaduy Yachts

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Citation - Two 9.79kN (2200lb) Pratt & Whitney JT15D-1 turbofans. Citation I - Two 9.79kN (2200lb) JT15D-1A1Bs.
Citation - Max speed 647km/h (350kt), max cruising speed 644km/h (348kt). Initial rate of climb 3350ft/min. Service ceiling 38,400ft. 
Range with eight people on board and reserves at high speed cruise 2250km (1215nm). 
Citation I - Cruising speed 662km/h (357kt). Initial rate of climb 2720ft/min. Range with max fuel, 710kg (1560lb) payload and reserves 2460km (1328nm).
Citation - Empty 2455kg (5408lb), max takeoff 4920kg (10,850lb). Citation I - Empty equipped 3008kg (6631lb), max takeoff 5380kg (11,850b)
Citation - Wing span 13.32m (43ft 9in), length 13.26m (43ft 6in), height 4.36m (14ft 3in). Wing area 24.2m2 (260sq ft). Citation I - Same except for wing span 14.35m (47ft 1in). Wing area 25.9m2 (278.5sq ft).
Two pilots for Citation and Citation I, single pilot for Citation I/SP. Optional main cabin layouts for five, six or seven passengers.